The story describes the lives of three different people, who each come from a different period of history. They find themselves walking together with a large number of other people, all walking along an enormous road, which is in fact a very large and very wide High Street. All appear to be wearing their best clothes from their era, and everybody is wondering what is happening.  Some seem to be happy, whilst others look sorrowful.

As they walk along, more and more people keep joining the crowd. In the distance, an old clock can be seen where time itself appears to have stopped?

At the clock, a powerful being is waiting for them. At this point, people start wondering who this person could be. Could it be a Time Lord, an extra-terrestrial being or maybe a Q?

The main three characters of the story find themselves reliving events from their own lives while the supernatural being reviews these events in accordance with an ancient law, a law different to all that they have known. But what is this mysterious law and why is it so important?  And there, beyond where time itself stops, there seems to be something so great, so powerful but what is it?

Sample Extract:

He would soon be approaching the barrier between Temporal and Outermost – this time at the entrance 361B.

Gaining momentum, he noticed several sentinels flying in a menacing formation, not far from the doorway. They were not a threat, but still, he scanned their movements in a carefully rehearsed pattern. The entry points were heavily guarded and nothing and nobody would ever be able to breach their tight security.

The doorway was now quickly coming into full view together with its familiar door made of oak and other materials, yet unknown in Temporal. Stopping to look at the images embroidered into the colourful draped fabrics, memories came flooding back. He felt a sense of satisfaction but sadness too. Each image had been carefully selected to remember and describe important events – many of which he had been deeply involved in. He let his hand slide gently down the frame and began remembering different events as he felt the different ornaments and inscriptions that were there. He was busy thinking about the visitation when he noticed a multitiude of people  arriving from different time periods, frantically trying to get their bearings. Supra started walking towards the great street awaiting orders from High command.

Risques et défis

The reason I’m launching this publishing project on Kickstarter is so that I can free up the necessary time to complete the work. I have been writing down my thoughts and ideas for 2 books for a number of years. Thanks to your help, via crowdfunding, I believe that it’s going to be possible to turn these dreams into reality.

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